STAS Cliprail

STAS cliprail is our most standard suspension system and therefore the perfect basis. A high-quality suspension system without bells and whistles, and therefore at home in any interior.

With a load-bearing capacity of 20 kg/m, the STAS cliprail provides enough support to flexibly hang your favourite wall decoration using the matching hooks and cords.

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STAS Cliprail Pro

The STAS cliprail pro is suitable for you if you are looking for just that little bit more security. Thanks to its thick-walled profile, this suspension system has a load-bearing capacity of no less than 45 kg/m¹. Despite this profile, STAS cliprail pro does not compromise on elegance, making this powerhouse a stylish addition to any interior.

The STAS cliprail pro is often used in galleries or offices to hang heavier works of art or whiteboards. Of course, this suspension system is also great for flexibly hanging heavier wall decorations in your home! To be used with the matching hooks and cords.

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