Collection: Modular Wall Systems

GDS - 40

The 40mm thick lightweight wood wall comprises of a MDF frame, a paper honeycomb layer, and a HDF board with laminate. Holes in the 16mm groove accommodate connectors. Pre-assembled feet and spring pieces in the groove aid installation and ensure a flush fit. Both sides of the wall can be coated with various surface materials.

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GDS - 19 Flexible

The basic components of the GDS-19 Flexible partition system are 19mm panels. These panels are used to construct partitions for exhibitions, home shows, trade fair booths, and more. Individual panels are connected using U-shaped connectors inserted into the corner holes, all without the need for tools.

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GDS - 19 Base

At the corners of the panels are system plastic inserts. Suitable for 19mm materials such as lightweight panels, chipboards, MDF. Chipboards with primer film are suitable for quick and affordable substructures. Panels with surfaces in plastic decor are suitable for use of advertising boards, podiums, carcasses, wall, partition, or exhibition elements.

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